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Symbion LX Experiment Design and Execution (EDX) data collection window.

Symbion LX provides the capability to control one or more spectrometers or other analytical instruments while also serving as a full capability Spectroscopic Data Station. In addition to providing complete control functions for specified instruments, it can acquire current data from most spectrometers and accepts stored data from a data base or as files in formats such as XY, .spc, .asf, and .#### (Bruker). Once data is acquired, the program’s extensive visualization and mathematical capabilities are available to allow the extraction of the maximum information available in any desired format. Symbion LRX includes the capabilities of LX but adds all of the safeguards required to achieve regulatory compliance.

Experiment Design and Execution (EDX): This module provides for the intelligent organization of data acquisition procedures and data storage. In particular, it enables the user to configure his data collection so that reference values and all pertinent metadata are recorded within a specified data structure along with the acquired spectra. When used in conjunction with Symbion QT Chemometrics, EDX enables QT to automatically build its input data tables with no need for operator involvement – eliminating the need error-prone manual data entry.

TDE Automation Method Builder: TDE provides a simplified “workflow-oriented” platform for developing automation methods without the need for specialized programming skills. The method developer simply follows a step by step approach to configure and sequence functions such as data collection, multivariate analysis, production of trend charts, archiving, and communication with a DCS. The methods developed are fully documented and ready for on-line deployment using Symbion DX/RX or RTM.

Symbion LX & LRX Data Sheet

LX & LRX Features:

  • Comprehensive processing of data from Mid-IR, Near-IR, UV-Visible, and Raman spectrometers as well as other analytical instruments and auxiliary sensors.
  • Choice of file or data base storage.
  • Extensive 2D and 3D visualization capabilities.
  • Complete vector and scalar math capabilities.
  • Creation of trend plots.
  • Execution of chemometric predictions from Symbion QT and most third party MVA packages.
  • Extensive method development capabilities.
  • Automated input of spectra and reference data tables to QT chemometrics.
  • Communication with other data systems via OPC, TCP/IP, Modbus, COM, DDE, etc.
  • Provides for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 (LRX).
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