Capabilities Comparison Table

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Capabilities Comparison Table
for Symbion LT, LX/LRX, DX/RX, and RTM

Capabilities LT LX LRX DX RX RTM
Instrument Operation
File Browsing and Storage
Data Base Search and Storage (Oracle)
Comprehensive Data Visualization Functions
Complete Vector and Scalar Math Capabilities
Execution of Symbion QT Predictions
Execution of Most 3rd Party MVA Predictions
Includes TDE Automation Method Builder
Includes Experiment Design and Execution (EDE) Module
Includes Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Module
Execution of Matlab ™ and Octave Scripts
Production of Trends Based on Stored Spectra
Remote Communication using OPC, Modbus, and TCP/IP
Export of Graphical Results to Third party Programs
Provision for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Extensible Programming Capability
Simultaneous Control of Multiple Analyzers
Autonomous Operation
Sampling System Configuration and Control
Real-time Trending of Multiple Predictions and Process Information
System Diagnostics and Alarming
Synchronization of Diverse 3rd Party Software Products
Simplified (Flat) User Interface
Multithreaded Architecture for Simultaneous Execution of Disparate Functions
Extremely Rapid Processing of Spectra and Process Variable Outputs
Capabilities Comparison Table (.pdf)