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The Symbion product family includes software programs and hardware implementations to cover the great majority of requirements for spectroscopic data processing – from standardized data collection, analysis, and exploration to on-line process configuration and control. Each software product can stand alone. But they can also be used synergistically to provide even more powerful capabilities.

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Data Acquisition, Analysis, Control, and Deployment


Hardware Implementation

Data Acquisition, Analysis, Control, and Deployment

Symbion LT – Basic Instrument Operation and Data Viewing Capability

Each copy of LT includes a driver for one specified instrument and provides an operational screen tailored to the capabilities of that instrument. It also includes file browsing and storage and extensive data display manipulation features. Symbion LT represents an economical and capable entry point for companies developing new instruments. At the same time, it provides an easy upgrade path to the full capabilities of the other Symbion product lines.
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Symbion LX & LRX – Standardized Analytical Instrument Control and Data Analysis Software

Symbion LX provides the capability to control one or more spectrometers or other analytical instruments while also serving as a full capability Spectroscopic Data Station. In addition to providing complete control functions for specified instruments, it can acquire current data from most spectrometers and accepts stored data from a data base or as files in formats such as XY, .spc, .asf, and .0.
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Symbion DX & RX – Process Analytical Development and Deployment Suites

Symbion DX and RX provide a complete application development, networking, and on–line monitoring environment for all process analytical technology (PAT) requirements.
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